Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Texas Trooper Brian Encinia

(CNN)The Texas trooper who stopped Sandra Bland for allegedly failing to use her signal while changing lanes threatened her with a Taser and said: "I will light you up!" Authorities on Tuesday released dashcam video of the July 10 traffic stop revealing new details about a case that has captured national attention.
Bland, 28, was found dead inside a cell at the Waller County Jail three days later.

Brian Encinia
Bland asks at least 10 times about why she is being arrested before Encinia replies she is resisting arrest. In his arrest warrant, Encinia wrote that Bland was pulled over for failing to signal a lane change and he “had Bland exit the vehicle to further conduct a safe traffic investigation.”
According to Encinia, “Bland became combative and uncooperative.”

“Numerous commands were given to Bland ordering her to exit the vehicle,” Encinia wrote. “Bland was removed from the car but became more combative.” He added that Bland was handcuffed “for officer safety”
“Force was used to subdue Bland to the ground to which Bland continued to fight back,” he added.

Bland was charged with assault on a public servant then booked in the Waller County Jail, where she later died.

After watching the dashcam video, Texas State Senator Royce West said at a press conference that it’s clear she never should have been arrested.