Monday, November 9, 2015

Tim Delaney - Professional Immorality

Tim Delaney
So we are suing South Coast British Columbia Transit Authority Police Service (SCBCTAPS), the "Transit Police" after getting tortured and getting our rib busted by well known and proven assault K9 sadist Cst. Stanton Edward Hyde in January, 2015.

Having some experience in BCSC matters I state without any reservation that Mr. Tim Delaney very openly chits on rules of Supreme Court and deliberately attempts to obstruct progression at every possible turn. That is HIGHLY prejudicial for the self-represented relying on this man's 'ethics'. For more than a decade Mr. Delaney has refined his daily duties to an art form.

 He is jacking legal fees stupid 100% on purpose. Fact.

Stanton Edward Hyde
The numbers, naturally, tell the entire tale. In the latest period SCBCTAPS blew in excess of $ 450,000 for legal fees alone. That continues an exponential trend where legal expenses are rising every single year. It is my experience Mr. Tim Delaney NEVER considers settlement, even when it is the most highly cost effective solution. He is the cancer on taxpayers, juicing legal fees as a gleeful career choice.

What we have is politically connected, grotesquely unethical legal fukheads screwing taxpayers far past the point of no return. ONLY a man of Tim Delaney's ridiculous caliber would love his ridiculous position of lead fukhead LiarTard.

Frank Potts

Kirk Poje
Perhaps Mr. Tim Delaney's greatest claim to infamy is when he stood before a BCSC judge to reduce the damages awarded to a woman who got a busted orbital from a Translink pig's flashlight. (no discipline)

That was many moons ago and Mr. Delaney was proving conclusively what he was all about even then.

Bottom line is Mr. Tim Delaney and his firm of pure immoral K9s are a far bigger offense than the totally sick piggy poohs they represent.