Sunday, June 19, 2016

China says Indonesian navy shot at Chinese fishermen

China's Foreign Ministry said Sunday that the Indonesian navy opened fire at a Chinese fishing boat in the South China Sea, injuring a fisherman and detaining its seven-man crew.
The incident happened Saturday off the Natuna islands, off the northwest coast of Borneo, in the South China Sea.

China's Foreign Ministry said the Chinese fishing boat was carrying out normal fishing operations in its traditional fishing grounds when the Indonesian navy shot at it, harming one fisherman and damaging the boat.

It said it had strongly protested the actions by the Indonesian navy, which had "abused its military force."
It's at least the third such incident since March, when Indonesia intercepted a Chinese fishing vessel off the Natuna islands.

In May, an Indonesian frigate fired shots at a Chinese trawler when it refused to stop fishing, and then seized the vessel and its crew members.

The Indonesian navy holds crew members of the Chinese trawler Hua Li-8 in Belawan, North Sumatra in May

Indonesia recently blew up 41 fishing boats, including this Chinese vessel

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