Thursday, August 4, 2016

N. Korea fires mid-range missile toward waters near Japan

A medium-range ballistic missile fired Wednesday by North Korea flew about 1,000 kilometres and landed near Japan's territorial waters, Seoul and Tokyo officials said, one of the longest flights by a North Korean missile.

The U.S. Strategic Command said North Korea fired two presumed Rodong missiles simultaneously on Wednesday, not just one. The command's statement said initial indications reveal one of the missiles exploded immediately after launch, while the second was tracked over North Korea and into the Sea of Japan.
North Korea has recently claimed a series of technical breakthroughs in its goal of acquiring a long-range nuclear missile capable of reaching the continental U.S.

South Korean defence officials say North Korea doesn't yet have such a weapon, but some experts believe the North has the technology to mount warheads on shorter-range Rodong and Scud missiles that can strike South Korea and Japan.