Monday, September 12, 2016

China, Russia launch South China Sea naval war games

The Chinese and Russian navies launched eight days of war games in the South China Sea on Monday in a sign of growing co-operation between their armed forces.

The "Joint Sea-2016" manoeuvers include ships, submarines, ship-borne helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, along with marines and amphibious armoured vehicles who will conduct live-firing exercises.
Joint Chinese-Russian drills have become increasingly common in recent years -- this week's exercises are the fifth between the two navies since 2012. Russia has been the only major country to speak out on China's behalf in its demand that the U.S. and other countries stay out of South China Sea arguments.

Russian news outlets said 18 ships, 21 aircraft and more than 250 marines would take part in the drills. The ships include destroyers, cruisers, a Russian battleship, amphibious warfare ships and supply vessels. China's navy would contribute 10 ships, including destroyers, frigates, amphibious ships, supply vessels and submarines, along with 11 fixed-wing aircraft, eight helicopters, 160 marines and amphibious armour.