Saturday, September 24, 2016

F-35 fighter jet catches fire in US

Another F-35A fighter jet caught fire during an exercise in Idaho, the US Air Force has confirmed. An investigation has been launched into what caused the fire, which was located in "the aft section of the aircraft," according to a statement from the Air Force.

No injuries have been reported, but questions are being raised as to whether the fire may have originated in the F-35's F135 engine, manufactured by Pratt & Whitney, as was the case in 2014.This is the latest hiccup for the $1.12 trillion project and comes only a week after the US Air Force revealed it was grounding 13 F-35s and was pausing production of 42 more, blaming “improper manufacturing processes.” Poorly built insulation material being used in the construction of the warplanes is said to be “crumbling” into fuel tanks, according to a statement from the US Air Force.

F-35A after the June 2014 fire.