Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pentagon wants another $ 500m for the F-35

Defense officials say they need up to $500 million more to finish the development phase for the F-35, the troubled fifth-generation fighter that's already gone 50% over its original budget. The Joint Strike Fighter has been plagued by lengthy delays and enormous cost overruns.

Its overall lifetime budget has ballooned to more than $1.5 trillion, making it the most expensive weapons system ever built by the US. Sen. John McCain, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has called the cost overruns a disgrace. "It has been both a scandal and a tragedy with respect to cost, schedule and performance," he said in April.

The US military has only taken delivery of about 180 of the aircraft so far.
The F-35 has had electrical problems, major issues with its software, advanced helmet system and fuel lines.

Four months ago the Pentagon's chief weapons tester said the F-35 program was "not on a path toward success but instead on a path toward failing to deliver."