Saturday, December 17, 2016

US Navy pushes for 355 Ships

The Navy on Friday issued an ambitious plan for expanding the fleet to 355 ships. The fleet now stands just north of 270 with plans to reach 308.

Included in the larger fleet would be an additional aircraft carrier, moving from 11 to 12, a hefty increase in attack submarines and more large combat warships, such as cruisers and destroyers. The biggest barrier is cost. A 350-ship fleet would require pumping $4 billion annually, on average, into a ship construction budget of around $16.3 billion.
The Navy has 10 active aircraft carriers and will move to 11 when the troubled, 12.9b Gerald R. Ford joins the fleet. Attack submarines would jump from 48 to 66.

The Navy began updating the Force Structure Assessment by asking Navy commanders around the globe "their unconstrained desire" for ships. That dream fleet would total 653
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