Monday, June 26, 2017

US Reveals Photos Of Russian Fighter Buzzing Air Force Jet

The U.S. European Command has just released a series of photos that captured a recent mid-air tango between a U.S. RC135U surveillance plane and an armed Russian SU-27 Flanker that occurred over the Baltic Sea this week. EUCOM claims the RC135 was flying in international airspace on June 19 when it was intercepted by the SU-27.
A Russian military “expert” called the F-16 pilot an American “air pirate”.
“Thank God that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are headed by a sensible person, and thank God that our fighter acted beyond all praise.” President Trump campaigned on a promise to mend relations between the U.S. and Russia; however, tensions have only escalated since he took office, thanks in part to the war in Syria, which has become a proxy conflict between global powers.
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