Sunday, July 2, 2017

China's Military Expanding South China Sea Bases

China has been building new military facilities on artificial islands established in the contested waters of the South China Sea, a direct challenge to U.S. foreign policy. China using the new land masses to bolster its military in the region were apparently validated by a report which uses satellite imagery to detail new military and dual-use installations on three of the internationally contested Spratly Islands.

Fiery Cross Reef houses the most advanced Chinese military installations, according to the report. “Beijing can now deploy military assets, including combat aircraft and mobile missile launchers, to the Spratly Islands at any time,” AMTI said in its February assessment.
A massive antennae system has also reportedly appeared, suggesting a significant expansion of radar and communications capabilities. They said such military-grade communications systems may be able to pick up transmissions from certain parts of the Philippine archipelago.

Trump has approached Chinese President Xi Jinping, to assist in U.S.-led efforts to disarm North Korea’s nuclear weapons arsenal. On Thursday, he made two foreign policy decisions that angered Beijing: the introduction of new sanctions on Chinese institutions and individuals suspected of having business ties to blacklisted North Korean entities, and the announcement of a $1.4 billion arms deal with the government of Taiwan.