Tuesday, July 11, 2017

F-35 price tag may rise to $406 Billion

The cost of the F-35 stealth fighter jet program may rise by another $27.5 billion to $406.5 billion, according to the latest Selected Acquisition Report submitted to Congress. The F-35 is already estimated as the costliest single project in US military history.

The estimated increase was largely driven by the adjustments to the F-35’s production schedule. The US Air Force reduced its maximum rate of aircraft purchases from 80 to 60 per year, which requires the extension of planned procurements by six years, from 2038 to 2044.
The F-35 program has been plagued by reliability issues, major design flaws and cost overruns. Critics have warned the fifth-generation jet, marketed as a superior plane to its fourth-generation predecessors, would provide little advantage on the battlefield.

A report concludes that the advanced jet is ineffective as a fighter, unsuitable for carrier operations and hard to deploy to ground support missions.