Saturday, July 15, 2017

North Korea military issues warning

In a chilling warning, North Korea claimed that its missiles are within striking range of US military bases on the Korean Peninsula. On Friday the US army opened a new HQ at the Camp Humphreys garrison in Pyeongtaek – 200 miles south of North Korean capital Pyongyang.

A spokesperson told Korean Central News Agency (KCNA): “The larger the US military base is, the more effectively our military hits targets.” At present there are around 25,000 US soldiers based at Camp Humphreys. The statement is the first issued by North Korea's military since South Korean President Moon Jae-in took office.
The spokesperson added: “If [the leadership] issues an order, our military will destroy the US imperialists with salvos of firings. If the US sticks to reckless military confrontation despite our warning, it cannot avoid a miserable end. The destiny of the U.S. is under the thumb of the Korean revolutionary armed forces.”