Saturday, August 5, 2017

Navy Reveals F-35 Helmet Display Videos And Flight Test Dangers

Video from Flight Test Safety Committee's conference early last May offers insight into the F-35 test program. Lt. Col. D. Tom Fields goes into detail about a couple of challenges the program, a refreshing change from the usual one-sided spin from the F-35 Program Office.

During the presentation, never seen before nighttime video recorded by the aircraft's helmet mounted display (HMD) is shown. A display malfunction nearly caused disaster during one of the nighttime shipboard landing tests. Fields makes it clear: "We got real lucky that night."
An F-35B struggles to refuel behind a KC-135R. Its refueling probe's tip gets snapped off in the tanker's receptacle basket.
The test's goal was to see if the F-35B could use its afterburner to go "higher, heavier, and slower" while refueling. The answer is absolutely nope.
 You can watch the video in its entirety by clicking this link.