Monday, October 23, 2017

Classless Monkey Donald Trump calls war widow a liar

Taking to his favorite medium, Twitter, on Monday morning, Trump in so many words accused a gold-star widow of lying about the conversation they had after her husband's death in Niger. The grieving Myeshia Johnson, wife of the late Sgt. La David Johnson, broke her silence about the now-infamous phone call she received from Trump offering condolences. she told ABC's Good Morning America that the call from Trump left her "very upset and hurt; it made me cry even worse." She confirmed that Florida Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson recalled the call correctly. She said Trump didn't even know her husband's name.
Normal people, people with a sense of decency and compassion or even aware sociopaths, would find a way to beat a respectful retreat at this point. Not Trump. He has gone on the attack against any and all that call him out on his lies.

Admitting fault or asking forgiveness are not a part of the Trump mental empire.
Meanwhile it has been revealed Trump has played golf on one of every four days of his presidency. He has logged his 75th appearance on the grounds of one of his golf courses since he entered the White House in January.

The US Secret Service has reportedly spent at least $137,505 renting golf carts to protect the President at his private clubs as he plays golf.