Thursday, October 26, 2017

F-35 a 'nonfunctional, money-sucking nightmare'

There's no end in sight to the unkind words about the 5th generation 'flying toaster'. Latest are the bugs in its ejector-seat mechanism that are ready to decapitate the pilot should said pilot have to exit the toaster suddenly.

The most recent suggests the entire F-35 project ultimately will cost US taxpayers $1.53 trillion over the aircraft's 60-year lifetime. Overrun so far is $35 billion of a total cost of $406.5 billion. The time to repair a part is averaging 172 days, with the new jets being "unable to fly about 22 percent of the time.”
The F-35B, the Marine Corps version of the fighter that’s scheduled to begin ship deployments next year won’t have the required maintenance and repair capabilities at sea at all.

Reports say the jets cannot launch vertically without a 'skijump' for assistance because they are too heavy, even when not carrying weapons.