Thursday, January 18, 2018

US conducts ‘very serious’ drills to prepare for war with North Korea

Two military drills last month and one in February are designed to ready troops for the possibility of war with the rogue regime. Defence secretary Jim Mattis has ordered his forces to be “ready for any possible military action on the Korean Peninsula”.
Military chiefs said the drills were designed to address worries about the US being unprepared for a more conventional land-based battle.
While the US is considering ways to increase its readiness for ground warfare, a leaked report has revealed a desire on the part of the Trump administration to boost its nuclear arsenal. A draft of the Defence Department’s Nuclear Posture Review has revealed that the Pentagon plans to develop of new “low-yield” nuclear warhead for the Trident missile to be fired from submarines.
The US also wants to add a new nuclear-tipped sea-launched cruise missile to its stockpile.