Friday, January 26, 2018

U.S. Marine Corps warns about the realities of war with North Korea

The commander of the U.S. Marine Corps warned about the realities of getting into a war with North Korea.

Marine Corps General Robert Neller said that the U.S. military was already preparing for a potential conflict with the armed forces of Kim Jong Un. Neller said that such a fight would likely be the most daunting challenge his troops have ever faced.

The U.S. has enhanced its naval assets in the Pacific and is increasing military drills with Japan and South Korea.
Aside from North Korea’s arsenal of nuclear weapons and ICBMs, the secretive state is also believed to possess a stockpile of chemical weapons. Last month, Neller told U.S. Marines stationed in Norway to be ready for a “big-ass fight,” but did not specify who the enemy would be.