Sunday, March 25, 2018

Russia’s S-400s sold to America’s allies

The US is threatening to sanction Russia if it sells its S-400 anti-air systems abroad. Russia's state-of-the-art defensive technology strongly undercuts the Pentagon’s strategic air and missile dominance. Qatar had previously been in talks with Russia about purchasing the missiles but looks likely to backtrack under American pressure. There’s recently been speculation that Pakistan might be interested in the S-400 as well.

China was the first global customer of the S-400, said to be the world's most potent air defence system. It was delivered to China last year. Russia is also expected to begin implementing the contract on delivery of S-400 systems to Turkey in early 2020.
India and Russia are in the final stages of negotiations to purchase 4 S-400s. The S-400 systems are capable of intercepting and destroying airborne threats at a distance of up to 250 miles and can simultaneously engage six targets. Each S-400 comprises tracking and search radar systems, eight launchers, 112 guided missiles, and command and support vehicles.