Military Spending

($ Bn.)
 % ofGDP
World total1,676.02.3
1United States United States596.03.9
2China China[a]215.01.9
3Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia[b]87.213.7
4Russia Russia[a]66.45.4
5United Kingdom United Kingdom55.52.0
6India India51.32.3
7France France50.92.1
8Japan Japan40.91.0
9Germany Germany[a]39.41.2
10South Korea South Korea36.42.6
11Brazil Brazil24.61.4
12Italy Italy23.81.3
13Australia Australia23.61.9
14United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates[a]22.85.7
15Israel Israel16.15.4

Total military purchases reached $1,676 billion in 2015, or nearly $1.7 trillion, consuming some 2.3 percent of global gross domestic product. The United States dominates global spending on defense, with a budget almost three times that of China.

The US spends around $569bn a year - the majority of which goes on operations, maintenance and personnel.

This has decreased from $587bn in 2014. While the USA's defence spending is declining, China's is increasing. Its budget stood at $191bn in 2015 - up from $176bn in 2014.